Meet Mic





The world's first magnetic induction cycler for qPCR.
The box is small. Ideas are great.

  •  Mic uses proprietary magnetic induction technology to heat samples and vent forced air for cooling. This means fast qPCR results in less than 25 minutes per 35 cycles *.
  • Support that with a robust optical system that reads all channels simultaneously and running multichannel. Testing has never been faster.
  •  The Mic qPCR cycler is available in 2- or 4-channel models.
  • Each channel uses independent high intensity
    LED, photodetector and combined filter set
    to provide unmatched detection performance.
  •  With a fixed optical path and no moving parts there is
    Optical alignment and calibration are never required.
    Even better is that there are no reference dyes or crosstalk
    Compensation is required.
  • Rotating aluminum microphone rotor gives unbeatable
    temperature uniformity during dynamic and static
    operations All other block-based qPCR cyclists only
    promise static uniformity, which could lead to
    inaccurate data, since samples are not heated and
    cooled at the same speed.
  •  You may think that this level of precision requires
    constant calibration but the microphone is good to go out
  •  You don't need to calibrate, ever.
  •  Combine excellent temperature accuracy of ±
    0.25ºC, a first-class well-to-well temperature
    uniformity of ± 0.05ºC and superior balance
    time uniformity (zero seconds for all wells to reach
    the same temperature) and you can easily classify
    Class IV difficult SNPs requiring melting temperature
    resolutions of less than 0.1ºC.
  •  Excellent reproducibility between samples and
    repeatability between runs and instruments ensures
    the highest level of quantification precision; allowing
    for the detection of double differences in the gene
    expression levels
Amazing performance 0.2 point five point dilution series with four repetitions each.